The location of the Hotel Foresteria Baglio della Luna is an ideal base from where to explore not only the historic sites but also the nature parks and the seaside in the surroundings of Agrigento.

Maddalusa beach is only at a walking distance of 500 metres from the hotel. At 8 km in direction Palma di Montechiara is the beautiful natural park of Punto Bianca.

At Realmonte, 11km from the hotel, the astonishing Scala dei Turchi, a cliff in marl stone with a sheer drop to the sea sculptured by the wind in an enormous blinding white staircase.

Further on in direction Siculiana the WWF Protected Oasis of Torre Salsa is a real pristine paradise.

From Porto Empedocle ferry boats depart to the Pelagie Island, Lampedusa and Linosa, last outpost towards Africa, a real nature reserve of harmony.

La scala dei turchi

The colour contrast at the Scala dei Turchi makes the sky appear more intense. The sea shows all the colour shades between blue and green: the golden sand, the bloomimg of different wild plants, all seems magic. Here sun tanning is accelerated, due to the white stone reflecting the light that reaches all parts of the body. The stairs bended towards the sea, become paths that lead you to the top from where you can admire wonderful panoramic views.